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Community Council

Meeting Dates: 4th Monday of every month at 2:45pm

09/02/2020     Agenda     Minutes
10/28/2020     Agenda     Minutes
11/18/2020     Agenda     Minutes
01/20/2021     Agenda     Minutes
02/17/2021     Agenda     Minutes
03/17/2021     Agenda     Minutes
04/15/2021     Agenda     Minutes
09/30/2021     Agenda     Minutes
10/25/2021     Agenda     Minutes
11/22/2021     Agenda     Minutes

Community Council
Principal: Tyrel Mikesell,

Tiara Auxier, Term 20/21-21/22
Raelene Blocker, Term 19/20-20/21
Caryn Cantrell,, Term 19/20-20/21, 21/22
Danielle Clayton, Term 20/21-21/22
Jessica Kilgore,, Term 20/21-21/22
JoAnne Robinson, Term 20/21-21/22
Mandy Wallace, Term 20/21-21/22
Courtney Wallin,, Term: 19/20-20/21
Amberlynn White, Term 20/21-21/22

Cheyla Mills,, Term 19/20-20/21, 21/22

Lisa Butikofer, Term 20/21-21/22
Michael Gelhard, Term 20/21-21/22
Jenna Marie Harris, Term 20/21-21/22
Jerri Holowka, Term 19/20-20/21
Shawn Thompson, Term 20/21-21/22

Committee Assignments:
Safety—Amberlynn White
Transportation—Danielle Clayton
Policy—Tiara Auxier
Technology—JoAnne Robinson
Curriculum—Tiara Auxier
Human Sexuality—Amberlynn White
Wellness—Mandy Wallace