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MGMS Student Survey Information

The following are the surveys MGMS provides to students and families. Each survey is different, focusing on different areas of student success. Individual survey questions, for each survey on this page, are available for parents to review prior to students participation. Please contact the school counselor if you have any questions. 

____________________________ STATE SURVEY________________________________                      

SHARP Survey Taken by students every other year. Prior to survey parents recieve a letter to indicate if they would like their student to participate or not. This survey is given to 6th and 8th graders.  The survey was designed to measure adolescent substance use, anti-social behavior, and the risk and protective factors that predict these adolescent problem behaviors. The SHARP Profile Report provides a unique community-level profile of the underlying factors that contribute to (and protect against) substance abuse and delinquent behaviors among your community's youth The SHARP Survey is sponsored by Utah Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the Utah Department of Health; with support from the State Board of Education.


_____________________________ SCHOOL SURVEY_______________________________

CTE Survey Taken by students, parents, and teachers every three years.  This survey  asks for parents, students, and teachers to opt-in to take it.    This survey is designed to focus on what student needs are and what programs and academics are offered at school to meet those needs. It focuses on areas such as college and career readiness, academic learning and development, multicultural and global citizenship, and social and emotional development.  This survey provides the school with input from all stakeholders (student, parents and teachers). It allows the school to identify what learning areas at the school are lacking and need more support and what areas are benificial to our students and families. This information gathered is only used for MGMS.  This survey is given every three years in conjunction with the State of Utah College and Career School Counseling Program Model review. 



PanoramaEd This survey is taken by students twice a year. Once in September/ October and again in April/May.  Parents are emailed the time it will be taken and can opt-out if they would like.  This survey is designed to discover students social and emotional skills and abilities. It provides parents and the school with students  strengths and gaps in skills.  The data from this survey helps drive school goals and provided student supports. It explores our students strengths and areas of need in learning soft skills. Although we chose 5 areas of focus per year, Panorama provides survey questisons in the areas of growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-management, supportive relationships, social awareness, classroom effort, grit, and learning strategies.  This survey is provided by Panorama Education. Here is a link to their FAQ page. 


YouScience This survey is given to 7th grade students once a year.  This is given as part of class curriculum. If you do not want your child participating please contact the school counselor.  This apptitude quiz requires students to take a series of brain game quizes. It is designed to discover what each individual student has an aptitude for. Then pairs them with careers that their skills would be suited for.  The information gathered is part of the students personal account. It can be accessed by them and anyone they share their account information with. The account will travel with them and be used at the High School as well. This program is designed to help students identify future careers and schooling options. 

This apptitue quiz is provided by and data analyized by YouScience. 



Keys to Success This program is given to 8th grade students. The Interest Survey is taken once in the 8th grade year.  This is given as part of class curriculum. If you do not want your child participating please contact the school counselor.  The Interest Profile survey is designed to discover what students enjoy doing, and then links them to possible careers in their area of interest. The quiz is designed to help students discover possible future careers and increase their knowledge of the Utah labor market and career fields. Each student has their own account that travels with them to High School.  This quiz is provided by and data analyized by the Utah Keys to Success program.